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Expression Series - Toothless

Medium : Monster Clay (

Time Taken : 5-6 hours Each

About the Project

What an amazing project this has been!  Thank you all for the support over the past few weeks as I created each bust.  In case you missed it, I started out wanting to do a clay sketch series focused around the many faces of Toothless.  I produced a new bust every few days over the period of around a week and a half.  Expressions have never been my strongest point, so I wanted to tackle this head on.  And I learned SO much from it.  I feel like I have a better grasp on how faces deform and what makes a strong expression.  Plus, Toothless!

This project has been an incredible learning experience.  Sculpting a character’s face in a single position is one thing, but having to do variations like this is much more difficult.  You really have to understand how the face stretches and compresses and how the different muscles of the face affect one another.

After I completed the second bust in the series, I was contacted by Dane Stogner, the lead character animator for Toothless in HTTYD2.  He knows the ins and outs of the character, and offered to help me make each bust even stronger.  I can’t thank him enough for his invaluable advice.  Instead of struggling for hours trying to get a bust to look right, he pointed out the areas that needed tweaking.  Every time I made the changes he suggested, it brought each bust to life.  This was especially true of the “Angry” bust where I resculpted it completely (see WIP posts below)

About the Busts

I assure you, these aren’t made of chocolate.  They were sculpted from an oil/wax based clay, Monster Clay.  It will never cure and can be reused over and over.

These busts stand around 4 inches tall and were each created from scratch.  They were intended as studies or sketches so they still look a bit rough in areas.  I plan on going back later to add more scales, the nubs on the ears, and do another pass or two on the refining.

A limited number of cast sets will be available in the future.  I don’t plan on selling these casts individually or as blank paint-your-own.  I will release information on pricing and numbers once they are available.

Links to WIP Posts for Each Bust

Neutral - Happy - Annoyed - Angry - Angry (Resculpt) - Super Angry

Want to learn how to sculpt like I do?  My book Creature Sculpt will teach you everything you need to know! Check out all the information here!  I even discuss how to work with Monster Clay, the clay I used for this project.

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